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Creative Consulting

Creativity becomes capital!

Creative Consultancy is the service that adopt creative skills to generate a good, engaging product. The people here need to be creative with a lot of motivation, results orientation and ability to work hard.As creativity becomes capital, paving a career as a creative consultant may help you harness your arts and humanities based skills to sustain a fulfilling profession.

Creative Consultation is a tricky thing to get right:

Why are we consulting? Who are we consulting? Are we actually prepared to listen to, and act on, what is said? And how on earth do you do it? If you ask people what they want, won’t they all say contradictory things? How can you get people to describe something they haven’t even thought about imagining yet? Creative consultation is becoming increasingly popular. Using the arts as a way in to discussing the possibilities of a place undergoing change can engage communities and individuals who are reluctant to respond to traditional consultation techniques. Writers have particular skills in communication, articulation and questioning that can facilitate genuine and useful consultation. The work of a Creative consultant is to develop original, personalized ideas which redefine a product or technology which helps businesses or individuals thrive in the competitive world. This credit has been associated with scriptwriters but ideally the tag of creative consultant can be attributed to those who have a vision, and the added ability to help organizations and clients recognize new opportunities and find ground-breaking solutions.

Creative consultancy is nothing but an advertising agency:

There are many ad agencies which are giving services for:

  • Marketing support
  • Market Strategy
  • Branding strategy
  • Branding exercise
  • PR Services
  • Advertising services
  • Market research

For a start-up, you want to market it. So you need:

  • a logo
  • a brand name
  • a company name
  • a tag line
  • a brochure
  • an advertisement
  • a marketing strategy

You need creative idea to introduce the product, when and where and how? Whether the product to be directly introduced or do you need to modify it according to the needs? Have you done the market research? Whether the pricing is done? How you would like to market, who are your target customers, whether you can scale up your customer base? All these things needs some creative and innovative ideas and solutions. So instead of going to different agencies for different requirements – you come to me for all your creative ideas is the motto.

Consultation need not be a pedestrian process?

Consultation promotes interest in local developments and plans, creating a talking point and a catalyst for shared experience. Creative consultation should be fun and provocative. By gathering ideas and allowing space for experimentation, it uses artistic and alternative techniques to encourage people to actively express an opinion. It opens up new possibilities for the development of projects and inspires confidence within a community facing change, leading to greater ownership of project outputs. It can lead to greater social and physical understanding of a site. And it can provide feedback on developing ideas.

Next Mile Digital provides…

We provide timely and accurate services related to Drupal Consultancy,CMS Consultancy, Graphic design, Web development, Admin support,Data analysis, Search Engine Optimization by certified professionals having relative background in the concern filed. We have a definite planning to work with finished assignments.